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Sure was. He was pretty sick the last few years and couldnt get down to his basement to tend to anything so he would give me the beans and id share the fruits. He was a wizard of the craft for as long as i could remeber. A Dr. Of sorts. He would trade clones and seeds with guys all over the world. Had a hell of a collection. He gave me alot of the collection before he passed. Unfortunately that collection is just about gone and thats the reason im looking for a legit bean store
Thats so sad because for some of us ,just gettin the basement is tough.
Im fortunate because of my back round and being able to provide water and righteous electric (INCLUDING A SMOKE DETECTOR) (a battery one) Saves up and down steps
Then they wished they didn’t after I treat them like bad girls…

bad to the bone

watch out for that devils weed!




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