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May 16, 2011
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I'm traveling here under the name of Magicdog, the name comes from the title I gave to my gone but not forgotten best dog Sadie. I use her smiling photo as my logo for the art that I do,paint,computer,print making and so on. Haven't smoked much in the last year or so (the herb ,for me,is a consciousness /awareness awakening tool that I don't as often find a need for right now) However I do think that it must be legalized and the proper teaching in it's many positive uses needs to happen(The "powers that be" say no, it scares the hell out of them and we all know why).
So here I am. I've read some good thoughtful messages and am ready to take part.
:welcome: magicdog. yup alot to learn her & alot of great green thumbs. enjoy

painterdude loves paintings and stuff...look up...painterdudes art gallery..hope to see ya around..take care and be safe

Welcome to MP. we rock, what can I say. Glad you are here.
Mucho greetings `n` stuff to ya bro... :48:

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