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Jul 13, 2011
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hey everyone been crusin the site for i while just never registered. so figured i should and say wats up

names ATM just recently went medical (my state has it:) ).

used to grow long time ago but mainly outdoors and im tring indoors now with some ?s or remembering needed done and your group seen knowledgeable and current posts on the forum.

hope to be a regular soon lol


Welcome to our home away from home,

You will find that this place is cool and akin to maybe a Living Library of great information. Please do take a few and peruse the site rules, you will find them few and easy to abide with.

We like to recommend that you pull up a good comfy chair, grab something refreshing to sip, relax, read, and Oh-yeah,
Here hold this----->:48:

smoke in peace
enjoy the site! learn and enjoy. great bunch of people here to help

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