Help needed from girl in New Zealand

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Apr 26, 2011
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Ok so i have never been on sites like this or anything..but thought the best info will come from stoners themselves...

So i've never been a heavy regular smoker...just social - maybe a few times a month and even then not in excessive amounts- few puffs on a smoke.

I have a drug test which i have just found out i need to do to keep my job. My last puff was about 2 weeks ago and was 2 puffs on a cone, prior to that was about 5 weeks ago and a puff on a joint...I've done the reasearch and well obviously it stores in your fat cells. I am only 48kg 5ft6 so im tiny...aint much fat on me at all...yet i eat like a assuming i too have a fast metabolism...what are the chances with all above considered that my test will be a positive on the national intake levels?

Any Advice appreciated :)
So 6 people have viewed and not one person can offer some advise or anything....????
This is not something I have any experience of,,,,,,,,,, someone only haveing a few puffs in 2 months lolololol, everyone I know sucks on weed day & night!!!!

Sorry, that wasnt meant to be hurtful, just a wee jest, I have a sense of humour that some dont like, others laugh like hell at. Either way, I mean no harm, just try to see the funny side of life.

There is a section about drug testing etc here

What I know of people who need to have tests (some buddies in the forces) they tell me that if it shows up in their system they claim they were at a party where it must have got into their system????? (Via a huge bong probably)

My advice would be change jobs and smoke more weed, then you will realise that your job, like everyone elses job it just something to keep you busy from asking important questions such as where did I leave my joint??

Peace and good luck Kiwi. W
welcome aboard kiwi :)
I don't think "anyone" can really answer the question both honestly and positively. That's probably the reason for the lack of responses.
"MY: uneducated guess, would be that you should pass with flying colors, but I can't say for sure.
I'm going to move this over to the "Drug testing" section for you.. ;)
The second-hand smoke defense won't work in most cases, but you can try it lol. Probation officers here say this cannot show on a drug test (not sure the facts here though).

A friend had great success monthly drinking a lot of water a ffew days prior and right up until test time....pee was water lol
I had a friend that had success with the fake pee. I know nothing of this for myself, sorry and good luck.
5ltrs of water mix in 50ml of vinigar and drink i had a freind who played rurby and he got tested regurly and sore by this - funly enough he came from same end of the woods as you do/ peace hope this helps
Yes it should be out of your system, however two drops of bleach will purify a quart of liquid. Tape this to your thigh and drop it in your piss and your will be A O K. This is proven, not a myth. Not only do I know from a friend using it lol but it is pure fact in chemistry.

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