help with my def.

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Feb 7, 2011
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hey all, my girl is in about 3 weeks into flowering and i know she has a def but i just cant pin point it. plz help thx :aok:


Alway check ph first. that looks like a Nitrogen def
As ozzy said, always make sure the pH is dialed in properly before diagnosing deficiencies. It looks like magnesium to me. If the pH is correct and you don't have a heavy salt build-up, then perhaps, you could add some magnesium. Does your fertilizer contain magnesium and calcium?
Dial your pH (runoff) to about 6.5, add some cal/mag, and give her a couple days... Color may not fully return to damaged leaves, but it won't spread anymore... Looks like a shot of grow nutes might do her some good too... But again, could be pH and not a deficiency at all! I'd check and adjust your pH and allow a couple days to start soaking up some mag; I'd probably do a flush to make sure it's not a build up of insoluble salts (happens with pH low or high) most certainly not recieveing magnesium, note the fading color from center to edge, and worse from bottom to top... pH first, flush for salts, add cal/mag if needed... Hope this helps!
Thanks guys i flushed my plant out today, my runoff was 6.0, so i adjusted my nute solution to around 6.7, so hopefully my runoff will get around 6.5. Thanks guys for the advice.
Alistair said:
Excellent advice, GIxxerman.
:rofl: I just noticed everyone above me was saying the same damn thing!:rofl: Good advice is good advice I guess!!! :stoned: I don't know how I missed that!

And your welcome loaded.... I hit you with some rep!

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