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Oct 10, 2005
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I have to plants that are flowering and have been doing all I can to keep them growing but recently one of them has got black spots on the leaves, and it looks very unhealthy compared to the other one, it looks as though it has black balls growing on it too. I've been spraying them once a week with fungicide that is vegetable safe, i even keep a fan on them to keep them dry and to prevent mold. It looks like its probably a fungus but i could be wrong...

:confused: Basically what I want to know is has anyone ever had black spots appear on the tips of their leaves and in some cases the middles? Should i separate it from my healthy one and what is this problem-how should i treat it?

Any response would be appreciated, thanks.
could sure use a lil more info to go on. Humidity, temps, ph, lighting, nutes ...a picture ;)
black spots isn't much to go on.
Hick, that cupping thing where the leaves look like canoes, it looks like its going on with my plant. How can i treat this. You said somthing about magnesium? I have them under a condensed fluro, its 120 v and a regular 40 w bulb... I know I know it's chincy but i'm just getting started. I feed them with miracle grow for tomoatos once a week in there water and it has magnesium in it.

... what do you think?

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