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Apr 6, 2009
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Dammit! I jus discovered one of my plants is a hermie. I don't know how long its been like that but the plants are in their third week of flower. Can a hermie pollenate a female? Do yall think my whole crop is going to turn into males? I'm so worried. I got some good plants going and don't want to start all over. What should I do?
3 weeks into flower is very early from what I have read about hermies. Is it possibly just a male plant?? A friend of mine is in the same position, 3/4 weeks in, balls appear on plants from feminised seeds. The feminised seed is the clue!
You could pull the balls/nanners off but it will be a loosing battle and from what I gather it will be easy to miss one which could pollenate your crop which leaves just one solution, Kill it and hope it has not got to the rest of your plants.
Good luck dude. W
Take a pic of the suspected hermie please! Chopping it is the best solution as Woody suggested!! Keep a close watch on the other gals, but wouldn't it be early for pollen to have been released?
pic's first then get rid of it, even if it has pollenated you other girl's at 3 week's there is not a lot of bud so seed's will be minimal at the end, make sure it is a hermi then get rid of it, and finaly dont worrie the damage will be minor along as you get it out now
Hermies can happen at any time. If it has released pollen, it can and will seed a large part of your crop. Since you have other plants, I would get rid of it asap. If it has released pollen, you are going to want to give your room a good cleaning.

As you have had one hermie, keep a very close eye on your other plants for hermie signs. Were these bagseed?
I can't post any pics from this device for some reason but I've noticed what looks like seeds have pistils coming out of them. Is that normal? I'll try to figure out a way to get the pics up. The seeds are from attitude seedbank.
Attitude's is just a store(like walmart) who was the Breeder that made the seeds?

Misting your intire room with water will kill any pollen that has been released. Do this as soon as you are sure its a hermie and mist all the plants to help cut down on any seeds that might be produced.

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