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Apr 14, 2011
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To start off, I just came on this site to learn about growing since I want to start growing my own Marijuana. I've never grown before, but I got the money to buy all the equipment. So with the help of this amazing website, and the pro-members I should be able to grow more then I can take!

Anyways, that's my story.

:welcome: to MP, tons of smart growers here that I'm sure will be happy to help you out!! You should read the stickies and see if any of your questions are already covered, but most here are happy to help if you have questions!
:ciao: welcome to the Site...Hope to see your setup ..untill then take care and be safe
Welcome to MP.....not sure how many pro growers you will find here but you will find a bunch of dedicated peeps growing their own meds...

Checkout the resource sticky in the indoor section....having the cash to do it right is great but ya also need the knowledge.

Dedicated peeps growing their own meds ... Nice :D

Welcome to MP !!!
Welcome and happy growing. Here's some GREEN MOJO for ya.
Howdy. Growing your own rocks. And these people will guide you there. Good luck!
hola duCe youll get tonnes of help when you need it. giver dude and enjoy m.p
Caution: Growing Marijuana and MP can be addictive!

Welcome to MP and Growing!
hello there everyone! have nice day ahead :hubba:

yeehhaaa! hehehehehe

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