Hey there folks

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Welcome to the group !
before I joined I suffered from bloating and my feet alway hurt.
Since I joined and sit more on while on the forum my feet do not hurt any more.
I learned to live with the bloating also .
Nice Folks here
What a great community this seems to be... Please forgive me ahead of time for my attempt at multi-quoting some responses haha... I want to make sure I get to everyone who commented...

no need .. we are not that polite here. except to the Ladies and we always try to act like in the way they should be treated .I think I speak for all....
I was out at the local pet store today They had an extremely Ugly Lizzard with a sign on the Glass
Beware The HildaBeast I Bite , I was in tears laughing the store owner walked over and said you like that huh?
yeah likewise…..you may be an old fart if you are up this early…….I’m not to old yet , just in my middle aged years…🤡

are you east coast or west coast or somewhere in between?

I am in eastern Colorado where we put the high in the high plains
Haha...Nah, I'm old, but not dirt old.....Born 77. I was up that early because I was working in my room until 4am last night....Unfortunately, I had to kill 50 hermed out girls :( And my rooms are a pretty big job to take care of....

I would loooove to go check out Colorado sometime.... I really appreciate what your state did for the marijuana movement.... I am born and raised on Vancouver Island B.C. Learned the craft from local hippies. Went organic, and never looked back.

Welcome IG and we are looking forward to you bringing some of that 30 years growing experience to the table and having a bit of fun along the way. 😎

Thanks Sub.... I am also looking forward for anything I get to learn here with you guys :) I am always free to help out if I can... I like fun, so this seems like a good fit. :)

Yes this place is great. Everyone respectful here but you gotta be able to take a joke now and then 😊 i just happened to land here somehow I don’t know how but I’m glad I did. These folks carried me thru my first, second and now my third grow.

This is how it should be, me thinks.... Too many ego's and attitudes on the couple of other sites I was on...On top of that....The site admin was accusing me of being someone else, and calling me a liar before permabanning me lol...

Exactly what I mean, other sites would have ripped ya a part calling ya a noob and to stay in the beginners forums .

Overgrow Admin booted me for having/holding my own opinion in an off topic forum (while he allowed others to bully me. I was getting censored and had enough...Said my piece and was handed out 3 lifetime banns (I never thought that even possible haha). Then I tried to log into an account I forgot I had on IC. The Admin there said I was "spamming", and a "Troll", kept accusing me, while I told him he was confused... Another lifetime ban... Thank Christ I found you guys.... I am really liking this community and the site layout etc... Great place you guys have here :)

I had guys with 6 weeks of growing time telling someone with a lot more knowledge telling me how I should grow , Funny shit you not.

Sometimes it's easier to just smile and nod lol... Not worth the headaches....

If you really want to be told what to do get married !
Haha... My ol lady TRIES, time and time again to do this....Unfortunately for her, I am even more stubborn than my Rottweiler....

I ALWAYS get the last word in an argument with the Old Hen.

"Yes, Dear."
I do as well.... Only with hard work and dedication, is this possible.... You only have one life, I don't want any regrets... ;)

Hidie Hoe Neighbor

That dated you haha.... Do you own a bucket hat by any chance?

Thanks all who made time to stop in to say hello...

no need .. we are not that polite here. except to the Ladies and we always try to act like in the way they should be treated .I think I speak for all....
B S Most women talk way more trash than men, you should hear my wife and her 4 sisters undressing me with their eyes after polishing off a bottle of Jack.
It is disturbing

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