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May 11, 2022
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Beyond the thunderdome
I'm kind of new to The forum thing. I'm always had a thing for plants. When I was about 17 to 18 I wanted to be able to grow weed in the worst way. This is back in the early 90s so Mel Frank and Ed Rosenthal where the gods that I worship. Back then people didn't talk about it either, at all. Since Mel and Ed couldn't talk back I figured the best way to learn how to grow cannabis was to learn how to grow vegetables. I'm thinking if you can grow a good tomato plant you must be able to grow a good pot plant. Turns out I was right. It all made me realize I had a hidden passion for growing vegetables and flowers that I would have never realized. Growing weed was never a full-time consistent thing always just here and there. Going a little bit of indoor here and there enough to feel confident and investing in equipment knowing that I could manage a respectable product.
Fast forward to now here I am starting to get more and more into it and I'm looking forward to connecting with people to get ideas and learn new things. That's a long introduction.
Hello schloosir5688 and welcome aboard

good to have another passionate gardener on board

Welcome schloosir. We love gardeners here. Most here grow other stuff too. Hope you like the place and stick around. Looking forward to seeing your garden. What are you growing now?

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