holiday cheer contest

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Oh, I forgot to put that part in the rules. The winning contestant has me over for the weekend and I’ll bring the prize with me. I expect to be wined and dined properly before I come off of the goods… both Dutch and Ivan are fairly picky eaters so prepare according

Nice Contest Boo
I see one vote that is going to be close so far, Big Buds for sure
Dang big, that’s only about a doobies worth from my pick. I may have to get boo to smoke one and Re-weigh 😂

aww crap , i did not see your guess….i was just looking at those buds and adding up the weight in my mind and it looks about like about 3 qp’s , 112 + 112 + 112 = 336

( like i need some more beans….but Brother Boo has some gems stashed away and i would like to get a hold of a few of them )
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