how much soil??

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Apr 20, 2011
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i am putting my plants in the ground and am wondering how much store bough soil should i put in the hole because soil is pretty expensive?
If I were you. I would dig a whole for each plant that is at least 2 foot deep and a 2 foot circumfrimce.. Use good soil such as FFOF and leave it at that. The roots will quickly develop in search for nutriments and find what they need although I wouldnt skip using nutes after that plants are a foot tall or so. Good luck.. I wish I had a place in the sun that was safe.. Plants grow so fast and big outdoors in the natural sunlight....
dig hole 3 times the size of the container they are in..No need for fresh soil..Just be sure the planting area is well turned..

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
Whether you will need fresh soil and/or amendments depends on the condition of the soil where you plant to plant. Soil that is not conducive to plant growth--clay, sand, poor drainage, too wet, etc, etc--will need to be amended.
well a bag of pro mix is like 40 bucks a bag so im not to happy about buying that much soil but im thinking of mixing my soil with some turkey and cow **** plus some old fruit compost is that a good idea??
If you have good soil, you can dig your holes and then mix the dirt with compost and a fertilizer that promotes root growth. I use E.B. Stone Sure Start and Planting Compost.

With outdoor growing, don't get too technical, unlike indoor growing. Keep in mind that cannabis is a weed, which means it is pretty strong. Harden your clones by gradually exposing them to the elements.

My personal philosophy is not to coddle the plants too much. Outdoor plants will be exposed to harsher conditions. Some clones may die, but others will be giant monsters.

The real challenges come in the fall when you harvest, because that's when all the critters want to suck the juice out of your flowers.

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