How To Store Weed For Extended Periods of Time?

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Jan 11, 2021
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Houston, Texas, USA
If you’ve got quality weed and you want it to stay that way, you’ll have to try harder than a jewelry or sandwich bag. Especially if you’re planning to make it last for a while. A glass mason jar is your best friend when it comes to cost-effective long-term storage. However, any airtight glass container will do. The top should have a complete seal to completely protect your buds from exposure to the air. Once your buds have made it into a glass jar, you just need to keep it out of light and away from heat.
Use Boveda 62 or 55 packs to keep the weed from drying out too much in the mason jars. I use an attachment for my seal-a-meal to vacuum seal my buds in mason jars with Boveda 62 packs. I have kept buds for 5 years this way and though the buzz gets more mellow over time, it is still potent.

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