hps light system 400watt

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Apr 4, 2005
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i am growing some lowriders and since sprout i had my light about 2ft away from them, and these little fuckers all turned yellow and started to dry. Can the light be burning them? i took the light 3ft up now and i see some improvements. what you guys think?
Could you give us some more info on your grow ? What kind of temps. does the grow room stay at. What kind of ventlation ? What kind of fan do you use ? What is your watering schedule ? What is your soil's Ph ? That kind of stuff. And Pic's would be great. Thanks.
If they were seedlings, 2' is too close.
It sounds like you already answered the question though.
LOLLOL....I was high when i did that picture, it's my grow room. I just have one fan hitting the light. i leave the door open most of the time, the size of the grow room is 6ft(L)x2ft(W)x8ft(H). not that big. I think I don't have good ventlation.
Good ventilation entails exhausting the "old" air and bringing in "new" (fresh) air.
Leaving the closet door open doesn't do a very good job of that.

I used to do the same thing--leave the door of my growspace open.
Then I remembered a long-time indoor grower told me how important good ventilation is.
So I put in an exhaust and intake, and noticed a dramatic increase in growth rate.

Optimum ventilation, bringing lots of fresh CO2 into the growspace, entails
-An exhaust fan,
-An intake fan (in a small space and with a powerful enough exhaust fan you can get by with a passive intake),
-And an oscilatting fan for air distribution and stem strength.
Heh. Yeah nice art work. :D Yeah 2' from seedlings is to close. Take it easy next time. :)
damn i got no more lowrider seeds, I hope they come back. :( :( :( :(

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