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May 11, 2007
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I picked up some new Humbolt Nutrients today and was wondering if there was anybody here that has any experience with them. Ive been using Fox Farms forever and I felt like trying something new.
The only humbolt Nute I have ever used personally, is BushMaster and that stuff works like a charm to stop vertical growth.
Hey Maine- Humboldt offers a pretty wide range of products. I've only used their organics line (they offer both organic and non-organic).

With the organic line, by the time you get everything you need from their line you can end up spending quite a bit. In the organics line- not only do you need grow and bloom, you'll also need deuce-deuce for potassium. And that only gets you the 3 (npk) macro nutrients. You'll need a source for calcium and magnesium (they offer 2 products, Sea-Mag and Cal-Mag), and keep an eye on micro-nutrients if you're not using a top grade soil with organic amendments.

Then add humic acid, mycho innoculants, and on and on and you've laid out some big money to get all the proper nutrients and additives.

As far as quality- top notch. Excellent. But ime if you don't cover all your bases, you'll experience deficiencies.

Just my opinion on the organic line- good luck to you.

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