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Apr 4, 2005
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Hello, I am a frist time grower and I was wondering how long does it take for the tree to become mature indoors?
You can vegetate the plant for 4 weeks, but less if you want to keep it small, then 8-11 weeks to flower, depending on the strain. So your looking at a minimum of 3 months for a full sized plant. But you could knock off 3 weeks if you just want small plants.
Its been a month and my plants are pretty small, is it because of the light?
I am using a 125w Fluorescent Bulb puts out 8000+ lumens.
How far away from the plants is it? Do you have pics? That would help...:(
Hon, you need to start a new post and give us all your info so we can help you figure out whats wrong...and pics would help. Thanks.
Is it one of those Compact Florescents (screws in)? Get us some pics of your set up, and tell us what your using (soil, nutes, air etc....)
i'm get my friends cam, i'll have some pics at night. Thanks
Hey bizzy, go do an intro and start a grow - you are only 82 posts away from being able to win this contest! :)
Your light might be the problem. I use one of those myself, but if you bought that off ebay, or the one with the red and blue spectrum......you got ripped off. If you buy that light at a hydro store, you'll get the real thing. But they're only good for clones or smaller plants. They aren't enough for hydro or bigger plants. You should buy 1-2 more, or get a HPS.
Go find the thread titled "Contest" and read it...then read the rest of the board - you might really like it here...;)
AAAwww, bigS, that may be the problem - the red spectrum.
I knew the light was my problem, I bought a MH and HPS system thats coming, I should put in my MH bulb frist right then HPS for flower? because under that light its been about a month and the plants are about 2-3 inches. Also should I take clones before I start to flower or after it flowers I can turn lights back to 24 hours and would it start to grow for some clones? thanks
I usually take mine within the first two weeks of flowering. That gives the plant that big flowering sprout, and makes more clone sites. Just don't take clones once the plant is producing flowers.

And yes, you're right about the HPS, and MH.

Those CFL's with the double spectrums, are painted. They're a big fraud on the net. Only buy them from a store you trust.

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