I’m Mrtherapeuticallyhigh and this is my 1st grow

May 10, 2021
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HoneyComb Hideout
What’s up Growmies! I decided to start my own grow after paying way to much at these dispensaries! So here we go.. Strains I started growing Ferrarii Runtz and Northern Lights Auto. To start I have a AC Infinity Cloudlab 632 grow tent, with the AC Infinity Cloudline T4 exhaust fan w/ temp & humidity controller along with the AC Infinity carbon filter. Lights I went with Viparspectra XS Series 2000 led lights, and 3gal grow pots. Soil I decided to go with Roots Organic (But doing a comparison my next grow with Risentek). The nutes I’m currently using are Clone X seedling and clone nutrients, after 30 days switched to GH Flora Gro, Micro, and Bloom. I have Bontanicare Cal-Mag on hand but haven’t used it due to my tap water having amazing ppm and maintaining a 6.5 - 6.8 ph but I do have ph up and down on hand as well. Currently I’m one month in on my 1st grow (5-16-21) and so far so good in veg for the Runtz and Auto (Day 17). Please feel free to take a look at my progress from start til now and lmk what you think. I can always add needed advice to my notebook to improve my 1st grow and so on. I’ve already made a few mistakes by not following my feeding schedule so the Runtz have stunted but recovered. I also applied LST, topping and removed a few fan leaves so certain bud sites will grow. So as of now just patiently waiting watching these babies grow!
Again I’m open to any advice you may have to help a newbie gain that Special Green Thumb. 🥶💨🧊

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