I have a lot of questions!

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Dec 4, 2005
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When we bought marijuana, it allways was in one pease, like sticked together. I meat a new friend, and he had many times weed with him. But I never felt anything from hes weed and he told me that you get high from the leaves! And many of my classmates belives in leaves also! I thought that its the flower that gets you high not the leaves! So do you smoke the flower or the leaves?

After I grow a plant do I need some cind of processing to get it brown, so to make it the same as from the dealers?

I have heard about male and female plants! Whats the difference?

Thank you!
Hell no you don't smoke the leaves i guess if you smoked enough u MIGHT get high. And you don't want your buds to be brown and if ur buyin it brown from ur dealers you need new dealers, as for sexing the plants look at all the threads and u'll learn, oh yeah u may wanna learn some english.
You are right the flower or bud of the plant is what you want to smoke.

The diiference between male and female flowers is weather they have pistils(white hairs) or pollen sacks(little balls).

You don't process the weed to get it brown you dry it. When it dries it should be green, that's what you want.
And dopeman is right if you are buying brown weed it's no wonder why yo aren't getting high, you need to find someone else to buy it from.
whats it mean if its brown when its dry alot of the dealers here are getting half brown half green stuff here i grow my own but just wondering whats brown weed mean
brown weed means its not frigin weed man, or brown could mean its laced but in ur case ur not getting high so i think ur gettin jacked by ur dealers,

could i ask, how long have you been smoking and how old are you
commercial "brown weed" is usually nothing more than mass produced, has had little if any care while growing, is dried/cured in large amounts. All leading to low quality, mold, seeds, ect.
id say hick is right. i had 2 male plants this year and i didnt give a shit about . so what i did was pulled the pollen sacs off for hard times i then just stuck them out in my hotass storage building this summer 2 days after when i checked on them they was already turning crispy . so what i did was brought them in and stuck them in a sealed coffee can to give a lil moisture in . waited for three days and checked on it when i pulled the plastic lid off the smell of amonia about knocked me on my ass . the leaves turned brown too . so then i air dryed in a shoe box too get rid of smell and told my buddy what had happened and he said hell ill smoke it .so i just gave it to him .
i dont Know but down here in TEXAS we get a lot of mexican Dirt weed that looks alittle brown and most the time it realy dose not even smell like weed, but if you smoke like a blunt you should get high. i always did. And if you are not getting high, just putt in on your Pizza cause it is probly oregano. lol
i have a huge bud of white widow that has been in an airtight jar for allmost a year now and it is a brown color. well sort of a gold color, i should say. this stuff will also knock you on your ass with 2 tokes, so color is not an indication of how good it is. i have seen color change over time as it cures.
Whats the deal with curing it? The longer you cure it the better it is? Cause My plant is Mabybe a mounth or two from being done(I hope). And i would like for it to be the best it can. Weed dog One last thing, How long will it take once the first two white hairs come out for the buds to start to Fill in more. I think my plant has been cooken for about 2 maybe three week. it started to bud befor i changed tothe light. Dose that mater? THANKS
Flowering normal takes 8-12 weeks until harvest and whatever light you have should be on a very strict 12/12 schedule, with 12 hours of uninterupted darkness.

Curing weed is the process is drying out your pot as slowly as possible. This is what I like to do..

After harvesting/cutting off extra leaves I like to hang dry my fresh bud for about a week, at which point I put my buds in an shoe box and put the box somewhere cool and dark. Throughout the entire drying/curing process you want your buds somewhere cool and dark. Once I have the box of buds in a cool dark place I check them once a day and shake the buds around a bit just to mix them up. After being in the box for 2 the 3 weeks I bag it and store/smoke it! A good drying/curing process should take no less than 2 weeks. I recommend closer to a month, but once you try it out you'll find your own preferred method.
bud dried. cured. and stored properly will never turn brown

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