I have a question about my hash

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Jul 19, 2005
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Has any one had white mold grow on their hash? I had some blond hash in a pill bottle for about a month. It was kind of moist when I put it in there. When I looked at it today about 7 grams of the 14 I have had white mold on it. I had to trim it off and throw it away. Never had that happen before. Any Ideas?
CC, you answerd your own Q. "It was moist" IMO, it should be finely chopped, into near dust, and left to dry for a minimum 24 hrs before pressing.
I knew that part, its just I have had moist hash before, but its never done that before. It's still moist. Should I chop it up as you say? If I dry it out as in tiny pieces how can I press it? I don't make hash so I don't know what I should do.
once it is dry, usually within 24-48 hrs, I start pessing. The heat developed by pressing it tight, usually melds it back together. If not, a li' bit of heat can be supplied.

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