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Aug 17, 2005
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On the box my 400w HPS light says that the glass cover disperses light better. I took it off originaly because I figured it would be better. Has any one else grown with a driveway style HPS flood light? The plants are doing fine I just wonder if I should have left the glass plate on? Does anyone have any input to this one? Thanks!
'nasty, the glass might diffuse the light slightly, but consider replacing it and venting the light hood itself. With a well vented hood, you can really get it close with no heat issues.
so should you keep glas on or off?
im confused.
no glass = no diffusing of the light
w/glass AND venting = much less heat
personal preference ?
thanks guys thats what I thought. It doesnt take much to keep it cool. It goes from too hot to touch to almost cool with the fan on its lowest setting which helped this summer.

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