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Aug 9, 2005
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yo i was wondering if you have dead plant about 6-7 days dead can you make it survive or revive it plz let me know the original owner trimmed all the buds cause it got infested so he started it up again plz let me know so i may rescue it
can you bring back a dead person after 6-7 days?
Lemme guess.
Someone (friend/neighbor/relative) harvested the buds off a plant and threw it in the trash and you found it and want to grow it?
Much better to just plant some seeds.
Even if you could revive the plant it would takes 4 months in a growroom to get buds off of it again.
If it's dead, then it's dead. If he would have left a flower on it you could have maybe reveged it. But not after a week of being uprooted and dead. No.

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