I'm having issues with light shining through one of my vents

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Aug 23, 2022
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So I thought I had it figured out and I didn't but I need to find out what I can use to cover my vents up so the light doesn't shine through.
If anybody has any ideas can you please help me?
I made six inch vent covers for my lower air vents that allow air in but not light and four inch for my upper vents. That what you are referring to? I rarely use the four inch vents.

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I use 4” dryer duct hoses in my input vents. If you put about a 180 degree bend in the hose, light won’t get in. I have also run the hoses into a cardboard box with holes on both ends. I used to cardboard box as a ‘drying chamber’ where I hung my trimmed branches. That made the stink from the drying buds go thru my tent so it gets filtered by the carbon filter.
Dude go inside room/tent when lights off and stay inside for at least 5 minutes so your eyes can adapt in darkness and check everything out. Kitchen absorber hood or filter I don't know it's correct name solved these problems for me. Use a black spray to paint it and voila!
Paint it flat black and it wont. And the bend on the outside she be pointed down.

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