Increase Smell and and more ramblings!!?!...

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Jan 5, 2009
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my first bushes are now burning and they look great. coated in crystals, half clear half milky.

they also get me very high (bigger joints than ever before i admit)

only one gripe.

when i make a street purchase of , for instance, cheese/rhino it smells just a bit more and the taste is a bit stronger.

where did i go astray??

the first thing that springs to mind is that after first burning by overfeed i was conservative when fertilising, especially with the pk1314.

i didnt flush with molasses in fact they just got 2 plain waterings before chop because they started to drink a lot slower
(did apply some molasses during last month just not in final flush)

i used bio terra soil, canna bio ferts,canna pk1314, molasses, hygrozyme and superthrive, and some high 'p' guano.... all very carefully, by finish they were getting half strength of everything they got tip burn again so i didnt increase past half strength

veg with superthrive and hygrozyme (discontinued soon after flowers appear), rhizotonic when repotted

flower giving bio flore and boost, adding then increasing the amount of guano tea ( watching th ec level ) then stopping the tea and starting to give PK and molasses increasing untill nearly ready, discontinuing use of PK and stepping down molasses and flores, stopping flores and boost then stepping down molasses to plain water.

all ph'ed with lemon juice

assuming flowering has 3 distinct parts
1. high 'P' intake, some 'N' required to satisfy need during stretch
2. higher 'K' intake (higher than 'p' anyhow)
3. stepping fert amounts down and flushing with 'sugar product',allowing pots to dry then chop

the buds that been curing for two weeks smell beautiful and the taste is better but still falls a bit short imo

its still way better than 7 outta 10 street purchases i just want the method perfected.


i dont need to buy anything else i got happy in the store hence ecmeter phmeter yahdiyadda. im sure they help in small ways.maybe they just make me feel big. and important. ha. i got buttons to press. ha. ahem. yeah.

that was my first grow if my second dosent have a stronger pong and a tastier taste i will have to asume my method is flawed....
hate being wrong.....
its not really an option either. its as close to life and death as can be.

**organic soil**
i did wonder, wen i started my grow, wether or not to PH adjust the water.
i ph adjusted to ph7 on my grow and the only issue was the one outlined above - not quite enuff smell and taste.
and, depending on preference, my buds are fluffy and light. not tight like say a good bag of rhino.
gro shops say not to but i will be doing it for my next grow.
unless someone tells me that ph'ing was directly responsible for the smell and taste not being quite enuff.

**dark period before chop**
i gave two days dark after moving my lights slowly further away.
100% improved everything, yield and crystals.
the pistils were mostly amber but after the two days i got nice fresh sprouts popping out between
and the leaves went yellow and limp just like in pictures ive seen
i will do it again im certain it works.

next grow i might try two days dark then more intense light to see what happens (only on one plant)

hope someone actually reads my bullshit.talking to yourself is a bit mad.
typing to yourself is rubber room business.

the buddha cheese is about to begin its flowering journey. will it succeed. brand new series buddha cheese 24. following every bud in realtime, splitting the action up for ad breaks. jack sour at his peak. firing pistils.
gon be riveting.tune in. in three short months.

All strains are different, some seriously VERY stinky, some dont smell at all.

Smell means nothing, the important thing is you grew free clean MJ :aok:

Do you know what strain you grew?

In the future you should lower your PH tp 6.5 for soil to increase the availability of micronutrients. Anyways, keeping the smell and whatnot has alot to do with your drying/curing method. If you dry it too fast or too slow, you can kill the smell. Try to make the drying process last at least a week, and if ya can do that, it's prolly gonna be stinky weed. Good luck on your next grow, hope it reeks!
to be honest they were all bagseed

strawberry summin or other
purple summin
and some green lemon stinkin summin

the cured strawb smells like sweeties.....nice
the purp is too airy and weak but it hermied and had to get the chop i was pickin males off but gave up.
the lemon has just hit the jar after 6 days hanging, sticks still just perceptibly moist. which worked for the strawb

i think ill give more molasses nex time. and more apps of PK.

i didnt realise you prolly need a month to step feeding down and flush with molasses properly. they dry noticeably slower towards the end.

i noticed the second lot to get the chop was wetter and tighter buds

anyone else begin the cure with moist sticks?
i found that one batch was dry cept for the sticks, just enuff moisture to rehydrate the buds a bit, this was good.
i havent encountered any mould yet, and i noticed the humidity around the hanging plants peaked at 90%rh temp20^C.
i was a bit worried. should be fine.

and i could be imagining it but...
do crystals swell when you put bud in a jar i swear i could see individual crystals getting bigger!?
When my buds have dried, but the stems aren't snappin yet (slightly moist like you said) I paper bag em for a few days to really slow down the drying process. You could start to cure em then like you said, just gotta be very attentive to em and burb the curing jar regularly. Sounds like you got the idea right, a nice slow dry, made even slower at the end (buds dry, sticks still a bit wet) will get ya nice smokes...

Sounds like you're next grow is shapin up to be a good one, you're really takin in all that you're plants are tellin ya it seems. It's only gonna get better from here! Good luck !
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man im even wakin up at night to burp them masonjars

so far one of the green haze/lemon types out of five bushes has lost its smell-
it smells creamy almost like foreign cooking.

this same plant suffered a snap to its main stem which healed
the resulting bush was very purple and leafy with all the side branches overtaking the main stem in height.
it dried in five days so def not too fast cos the lemon smelly ones dried for the same length of time.
and it gets you mash but its slightly choky. mebbe after curing will be better.

the best is the strawb- f*%kin amazing smoke, not the strongest but still strong enuff to induce paranoia.
the hazy one is a bit strong. wouldnt wana stroll round morrisons after a spliff.

and ive never seen fluffy buddha cheese. ever.
i wonder if my method will produce fluffy buddha cheese?
anyone grown fluffy buddha cheese?
Are you running an ozone generator in your room?
I've noticed that the better I flush at the end of flowering, the more mild the smell/taste is compared to street dro. I take this as a sign of me not smokin all those harsh nutes, so I'll take the less aromatic . But I have found that different nutes give plants different taste/smell, regardless of flushing. Same goes for your growing mediums.
Can I ask where you keep your pH at? Ideal is between 6.5 and 7.0. If your plants are out of this range you aren't absorbing the the nutrients that you need to get very fragrant flowers. Also, how long did you flush? In my very very personal opinion I think 3 weeks is just waaaaay to long. Flushing for three weeks would cut down on the time the plant has to develop these smelly characteristics. If your looking for a nutrient to add strong fragrance, look into Purple Maxx.
i think the actual flushing of plain water should be a week or maybe two waterings in pots

this worked for me, the taste of the ferts aint in the bud

but from full strength nutes with pk , im gona step down the doses for two weeks, then molasses and water for a week, then just water one more week.

i dont think i wanna taste bio canna in my bud its bit like marmite and fish

the pong of 'DOCTOR' 'CHEESE' 'RHINO' cant be down to unflushed ferts.
the buds that spring to mind have a lasting stench and ive not come across any ferts that smell similar yet 'cept for HESI. ive tasted earthy guano i think i rhino and cheese.

i think this time ill dose them up with loads of guano tea and more molasses
wow. Its been a while..
The only major thing i have to say.
I'm wondering about the molasses usage and changing of taste. I have been using molasses for my budding plants, stopped about a week ago...plucked a bud from each plant and must say, all 3 taste basically the same?

Don't get me wrong, it's a beautiful sweet taste, just wondering...
yeah i got sweetest tasting bud that i personally have smoked, might be molasses but my only evidence is that my first ever grow (buddhacheese) was the best tasting and i used more molass, less perlite in the mix, plus i watered twice weekly, feeding every time i watered at 1/2 strength.also used a couple ml guano tea each time. Imh the perlite ratio and the feeding regime were mistakes, so i put the beautiful taste down to guano or molasses or both.
Does anyone know if i can still use molasses in a 40percent perlite mix, watering every day to try and imitate hydro?
(id prob apply the molass 2 or 3 times near the end of flower, 1 week apart, 1/2tspn per gal, like i did b4)
The use of molasses in the growing medium isn't intended to sweeten the taste of the weed it's to promote healthy growth of microbes in the soil. The microbes feed on the soil and produce nutrients the plants can uptake. Those micro nutrients is what's responsible for producing the smell and taste you are looking for. I wouldn't limit the use of molasses to the last weeks of flowering but earlier in the grow including veg.
Understand and THANKS Niteshift, however, does the molasses change the taste and when should I stop using? As said above, all 3 of my plants tasted relatively the same...yet one's a Kandy Kush, one's a Northern Lights and one's a Pineapple Express.
If they were bagseed, how do you really know what they were? There is also the possibility that the plants were pollinated with some lower grade marijuana, like wild hemp. So, naturally the resulting seeds would not be of the same quality as the bag they came from. Bagseed is ALWAYS a crapshoot.
i know i know.
Bagseed are **** mostly but my first plants were a good smoke, and i have hermied some bagseeds then grown the resulting seed and it was still some of the best i ever had. Even smoked just the tiny one finger leaves, it was a stunted crop (cold nights), i didnt chop just left in pots in darkness for 2 week -70percent leaf but an amazing smoke considering.
I may try molass earlier on this time round.
Using molasses for one week during flower probably didn't do anything noticeable for the taste and especially, high you got. There must have been other issues that were genetic related, especially if as you say, everything was done the same. There is no way the molasses had such a profound effect or everybody would be using it and it would be a part of everything you read in how-to books.

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