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Feb 28, 2010
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can you veg a plant indoors and move outside for flower? will this speed up the process of outdoor growing? will they flower when you put them out or does it still depend on the season?
Season, it's the shorter days of the fall season that triggers the plant to flower. Unless it's an auto which goes into flower because of age not sunlight times.
very good info guys thanks. do you know how long you would have to flower indoors before switching?
If you start flowering and then move them outdoors before the summer solstice, your plants will probably revert to veg because of lengthening days.
I'm with Hemp Goddess. I would check an online daylight-calculator and figure out what the hours of daylight are for your planting date. I kind of screwed up and started my seeds under 24 hour light, then switched them directly to 14 hours to get them ready for outdoors. But I think I may have triggered flowering because I've got a bit of a growth spurt on my hands. I hope that straightens out in the next week. I don't know for certain, but my guess is that having them revert to veg, then in a few weeks go back into flower again would definitely slow things down. I'm no expert--this is my first season outdoors.

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