is this a good veg nut???

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Aug 27, 2005
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hey guys i went to the local indoor growing shop today to buy some veg nuts and need to know if i got a good one or not this is what it says on the bottle

product name- Easy Grow, liqiud hydroponic nutrient, for accelerated vegatative growth

contents solutions A and B mixed together (with water) 5mls of each with 1ltr water

nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, copper, zinc, molybdnum, also contains Agronomix, a plant vitamin to increase growth
N-30, P-10, K-40.

it also has the direction but not gonna put that in cause not needed for this post, so what do you guys think is this a good product its only sold here as it is made here so i dont think you guys would have heard of it any help would be most appreciated cheers
it seems to me the nitrogen and the k might be a little high . if it were me i would try diluting it a lil more that what directions say . other than that go for it unless someone else wants to comment on it .
anyone else wanna give me some advice it would most appreciated thanks guys, im using it but diluted abit more it seems to be doing well but its been on 12hr lighting since germination and its been stretching really well i have just put it into my veg box a week ago and its a girl as it is showing hairs so thats all good
I agree those values are on the high side.

I would go for it, but I would keep a close eye on those lower leaves at first to see if there is a start of an overdose.

Is it an organic nute made by the shop? or is it a chemical nute. just curious
its an organic nute and yeah the lower leaves are turning abit yellow should i flush and use something else , what would be the ideal values of a good nute ????
A 12/12 cycle is used ONLY when flowering.

If you're plants are in veg, they should recieve AT LEAST 18 hours per 24.
My plants remain under light full-time until flowering.
Plants do not express sex until they are sexually mature, which is approx. 4--8 weeks of veg.
Yeah, the only reason why you would go to 12h before it is mature in veg. is to sex it and force it back into veg for cloning as soon as it shows its sex.

I use a Hydro nute that has a higher N value during veg. Then I start with a bloom fert when I switch to flower which has a lower N value. Flowering stage does not require much N. Most of the Hydro stores carry veg. fert and bloom fert and are labeled well. (I use Dyna-Gro and Dyna-Bloom in soil because it has all of the Micro-nutrients that a plant needs), but there are tons of ferts. can't say which one is best.

When harvest is around the corner (about 2 weeks prior), you want to stop with ferts and flush and water with r/o spring water so the bud is not harsh when you smoke it.
oh ok thanks mutt, the only reason i started the plant off in flower lighting was because i did not have a veg room and needed to start another plant from seed because i did not have a motherplant so i decided to plant it and when i harvest my plants put the lighting back to veg (which it is in now)so that by the time i harvest the plants it would have grown quite alot and shown its sex and then force it back to veg so that i can just make sure im not wasting my time it sounded like a good idea at the time. will this affect the overall grade of the plant and not make it as good as it could have been??
oh and im gonna use this plant (that was in flowering but is now in veg) as a motherplant i have made a grow room for it so it stays in 24 hour lighting so it grows nice and bushy and then i can take clones of her and put them in my flowering room is this ok
What you did is fine, you do not mess up the genetics of the plant so no worries there. You did stress it but nothing that will hurt. When developing a mother you force flower it early anyway. Just in the future I would wait until it is more mature into veg (like 3-4 weeks) then force flower. That is my opinion and not fact. Everyone forces theres at different times when finding a mother.

Mother it if it is a female. Bagseed though (I'm not sure if your using a good strain or what). your chances of a hermie are higher. but clone away, you can't beat one plant producing as much as you want.
I would flip for some good strains to get a mother though. Then your assured that it is a stable plant. I like NL not as much odor or as big as a White Widow (They have some stank to 'em if your worried about odor) Plus it seems to be a little more forgiving for mistakes (I've been there).

I would LST (training) it or SOG/SCROG that mother and get it really bushy with even light over the entire plant.
Some people beleive in topping there mothers to get more bottom side growth. I think if you train it right you have the same results without stressing the plant as much. but you can clone the top, so pros and cons to both I guess.
WOW...that was off-topic. Sorry. I didn't feel like deleting it.:eek:
haha lol no worries dude its all good oh by the way what do you mean by training it is that when you tie it down or something. and yeah she is a white widow and has fluros all around it so it has plenty of light and its not bag seed its from a seedbank in canada so yeah, and im hoping to get alot of clones of it, what i plan to do is after i take clones i will let the clones veg abit and then put the lot and the mother into flower lighting and keep one of the clones in veg so that i dont end up with a large mother plant over time and i get a new smaller clone growing in to be a mother if you get what i mean lol
LST Low Stress training. you tie the main stem down to get the side shoots more light. you still keep the top, but the light is evenly distributed over the entire plant thus making it bushier, and in my opinion healthier clones. The upside you are forced to look at the plant very closely as your tying it down and can catch a lot of problems early like bugs, mold, nute problems.

I posted in this forum an article on female ratios and stuff. It is a great read. Escpecially when trying to get a mother plant.

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