Is this a male?

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Apr 5, 2011
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Topped a few of my plants today, and think this one might be a male? Plant is around 2 months in veg under 24hr light.

What do you think?

TexadaTimewarp 001 (Large).jpg

TexadaTimewarp 003 (Large).jpg

TexadaTimewarp 005 (Large).jpg

TexadaTimewarp 007 (Large).jpg

TexadaTimewarp 008 (Large).jpg
Sorry to say brother, but those look like male nanners to me....A word of advise to ya. I no grow expert but I have read that when you cut plants and yu see a hole in the stem, yu need to use some kind of sealer on those cuts to prevent disease and excessive bleeding which weakens the plant. I use a commercial pruning spray that I put on my finger then apply to the bigger cuts. (cutting leaves usually doesn't cause a problem) This can save yu the heartache of taking cuttings or toppin one then watching helplessly as an embolism kills it...Hope yu have some girls to make it out of the bunch.

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