is this true???

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Aug 27, 2005
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hey guys i was reading on a website (cant remember where) about a month ago that if you let light in even i tiny bit in to your growing area when the lights off that it can stress the plants out and stuff up the grow and that it will have less yield and can even turn them into hems is this tru cos i was told to only spray them when the lights are off and i turn the lights on at night so i can see them during the day(when im home) and spray them when the lights are off but am i doing it wrong by letting light in when i open the door to spray them thanks for any advice dudes
yup its true that during your dark periods for flowering, a little light that is constantly on can distrupt the flowerin process and slow/prevent the plant from creating buds (there was a post on this earlier about outside growers being affected from street lights.)

and yes you should only do somehting to your plants like "water, fert" when the lights are on insteaed of turning them on for a small bit to do whatever. /But you should only water your plants when your about to turn off the lights like the 12th hour of light for 12/12 because if you do it when you first turn on the light the water will heat up.
Also, even light for a few seconds during lights out can kill the hormone that causes plants to bud. Without that hormone your plants will go back into veg.
oh ok cool thanks guys, its hard for me cos by the time i get home the lights are off already and the lights go on an hour before i leave for work can i open the door and water them and spray them without turning on the lights its still dark but just enough for me to see them i also will close the curtains when i do this so it will be dark but just enough light for me to see them or will this also have the same effect
Why are you spraying them?...unless you're foliar feeding for a deficiency, or insecticides, spraying is unnecessary.
Any interruption during the dark period is a serious risk. If you absolutely "must", use a green light. The plants don't "see" green, and won't be as likely to hermi.
Let's not forget the high rate of hermies that come with light leaks.
My Ozone Genn. put out a Black light that lit up the closet I was growing in. They didnt seem to notice. But Green is better.
oh ok i thought that spray them with water is a must lol thanks hick for that info i needed to know something like that cheers ill stop spraying them now and just water them once in awhile thanks for all your help guys,

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