Jungle Juice vs Sensi line?

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Mar 28, 2008
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Just wondering if anyone has tried any of that jungle juice from AN yet? I'm using the sensi grow - bloom line as of right now and having good luck under a 400 watt system. Gonna go 1000 someday but right now wondering what differences were between the sensi line and the 3 part jungle juice from AN? I'm doing DWC and wondering if I should be maybe using the 3 part? or just stick with the sensi line (been having decent results so far but really need 1000 watt) Thanks
imo nutes are pretty much the same. if it aint broke dont fix. imo the best nutes are the cheapest
If I had to choose between the two lines, I would choose the jungle juice. I haven't tried any of the Advanced line, but just going by what I have read, the jungle line is engineered more specifically for frowing MJ in hydro.

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