leaves curiling and bleaching ...

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Nov 11, 2007
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hi all
im trying to get to bottom of my problems ... cause i had a few plants go bad on last grow see ..http://www.marijuanapassion.com/forum/showthread.php?t=56828
ive took as many pics as pos and tryed to give all the other info too
After i have added my nutes , EC is 1.4 and PH is about 6.3 . i then add a few drops of ph down ( if needed) and get it to 5.7 ph . i dont really have any runoff water but if a measuer the water in the saucer its normally the same as what it was = 5.7ph 1.4EC . the ammout of nutes im giving them is less tham what canna recomends , cause im trying get them looking right . on my next nute mix im going to add Canna Cannazym
thanks for any help

strian - barneys blue cheese
plants- In veg atm . going in flower very soon ( with next 14 days )
mediam - Canna coco coir only
nutes - Canna coco A+B in Veg . Canna A+B + monster bloom in floweer
feeding methond - i soke them every 2-3 days depending on size buy hand , i feed them enough so that the water fills the saucer that the pots sits in . they drink up the water in the saucer within 1 day in flower .
water- i use tap water that comes out @ about 7.5 PH , i leave in in a barral for 3 days with a air pump on the go befor i add my nutes , i dont use a heater .
ligths - 600w HPS ( just fitted cooltubes )
temps - ligths on 27c - ligths off 15-20c ish ..... i grow in my bedroom so temps are not bad
Humidty is at 50% now
fans - i have a 6" air intake bring in fresh air from ouside and a 8" outtake fan . + 1 blower fan
looks like some mite issues and over water/nute?

take care and be safe:bolt::bong:
You need to look at the underside of the leaf for bugs and bug ****. get a scope if you don't have one and look really close. Let us know what you find. good luck.
I am curious about yer PH. Yu said it is 7.5 when it comes out. I assume yu adjust it down to 6.0 for coco. Also the leaves almost look like they are light bleaching, but I didn't see that on the upper leaves. How close do yu keep yer lights to the plant?
I would not let the plants soak up the water that has passed thru the soil mix, it has the excess salts and nutes in it that need to be gotten rid of. do away with the saucer let that water go down the drain.
Hi guys and girls

Thanks for all the replys, wow. i feel abit of ******* now , you guys are right after carefully looking with a microscope I can see i have little tiny white bugs . I have looked befor and didn't see them I was mainly looking for brown ****. I don't think there spider mites ,I think they're Thrips , but i could be wrong as i have not seem anything flying about .
tryed to take a few pics IMG_2583.JPGIMG_2588.JPG
I must have looked at Hippy in England sticky 10 times in the last month , trying to find my problem ..... realy did't think it bug related . Dam !!!

now the fight begins ..... not really sure how im going to tackle this one .
im in the UK , dont have floromite over here and if i order some from overseas it might / proberly get stoped by customs ..
not sure weather to get Predatory mites , or try and tackle this with strays and such ,
interrested to see what you guys think i should do
thanks again for the help and advice ..
That looks like Thrip damage on that leaf.


Thrips are really tiny, but can be seen by the naked eye. Some may have wings and some may not. Thrips reproduce rapidly, especially in tight places. That is what makes them hard to get rid of when using pesticides. The suck the sap right out of your plant with there piercing mouths, which makes the leaves look like they turned white. You can tell when you have thrips by taking a look at your leaves, the leaves will look as if there chlorophyll have been ripped right off the plant. Plants that are damaged can’t be healed thus making it harder for the plant to absorb light. SO if left untreated the thrips will kill the plants. Damage also can be seen by the greenish black specks of there **** they leave on leaves. Also the plants will show silver patchs from scar tissue. Depending on the severity at first, thrip damage might look like spider mite damage untill it increases in damage and then thrips case is for sure when you see the greenness replace with big parts of white.Thrips also can causes viruses to the plants and any larvae infected will breed more infected pests!. While they suck, the plants release honeydew which can contribute to mold on your plants. Adults have wings but do not fly well, but rather jump more. There are different kinds of Thrips, some more resistant to chemicals. Thrips can also carry plant pathogens in there mouths and carry it to other plants increasing the chance for your plants to get infected. . If your plants are affected during late flowering or close to harvest, please try to use the safest means of control to be safe to your health.


One good way to repel thrips for those growing outside is to use garlic, this is a good way to keep them away before you get them. The color yellow attracts the thrips and should be advised not to have this color around your grow.. If you already have them using neem oil, and or lady bugs can get rid of them. If the infestation is bad then you need to use biological solution like, pyrethrin-like insecticides.

Other Products include:

Hot Pepper Wax,Safer Yard & Garden Insecticide (which can be used right to the day of harvest),GNATROL( used in hydro in the water as well as soil),Doc's Neem Pest Soap,Safer Sticky Stakes,TR-11000 Pyrethrum.
well i ve just got back from the hydro shop ,
i have bought some- Pyrethrum 5 EC natural organic insecticide. thats pretty much all i can buy over here in the UK
I've got to add that to the nute feed ..... and make a diluted spray up ....
dose it make a differance when i use the spray .... should i used when my lights just come on ?
the war starts when i get home later ...
any other tips would be nice
I found that Azamax worked really well on my thrip infestation. I put it in the water and allowed it to work through the soil like a drench, and I mixed it in a floral spray and sprayed it all over my plants. it took a couple of treatments to get rid of them, but it worked well and is supposed to be ok for fruit bearing plants and even on fruit itself. I would be careful to not soak any buds so that yu don't get any other problems. Bug RID MOJO to ya
yeah, use the pyrethrin the same way. make sure to spray them only when lights will be on for a while so that it can dry. plan to use it one time then again about 5-7 days later to get any that yu may have missed or any hatchlings that got away.

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