Leaves turning downward and buds are not sticky after 10+ weeks in flower.

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Jul 25, 2022
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Hello all,
I have Pineapple Express strain that showed some leaves looking skinny and turned down a little. It has plenty of water, but not too much I hope. The is not really the leaves but the fact that is has been in flower for about 11 weeks now and is while bud formation looks ok, its nothing great, and the buds are not sticky at all. Pics are attached. Thanks! Tinpanharry
Hello, it may be nitrogen toxicity. It was pit in Miracle Grow Organic Potting Soil before going into flower. Otherwise just PH water near 6.0.
I just looked at the NPK of MG Organic Potting Soil. Nitrogen is more than 6 times potassium and phosphorus. Bloom nutrients are invariably much higher in P and K because flowering plants need more P and K. My guess is transplanting into Nitrogen rich soil just prior to flipping to flower has made the plant take up too much Nitrogen at the expense of Potassium and Phosphorus(because normally, a plant would take up Nitrogen and thereby deplete it somewhat during the vegetative stage giving you a more balanced NPK profile during the flowering/fruiting stage). At this point, I don’t have any solution. You may be able to amend the soil with bloom nutrients but at 11 weeks of flowering, it may be too late. Maybe someone else will chime in and have a more positive/effective solution.
To much Nitrogen, When you are using MG,,, once your plant goes into flower you need to flush the soil several times and start using Bloom Nutes. Ive used MG many times. Usually the Nitrogen is used up by the time your plants start to flower but i can tell by looking at yours that it didn't happen for some reason. Not sure there is much you can do this late in flower but you can try to flush the ferts out of the soil and see what happens if you add bloom nutes.

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