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Jan 28, 2006
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I read the section on light in the grower's guide forum but i still don't have the answer to my question. I live with my g/f and wanna grow inside a cardboard box inside my crawlspace so she won't know and it's a very small area. I plan on trying to grow two plants in the box. I was wondering how much light and of what kind of light I would need for that. Also, is anyone familiar with AK-48. If so, do u know if it will provide a noticable smell in my crawlspace if I am growing two plants?
1. no cardboard. at least a rubbermaid container (water proof). cardboard fire hazard-and will rot in a crawl space. get a smoke alarm and stuff. Even if using rubbermaid. Crawl spaces are moist and cold. This might be a problem for mold.

2. florous in a crawl space. You can get them at wal-mart home depot. Get either full spectrum or cool white for veg. I would get (4) 4' tubes @ 40watt or (4) compact florous @ 42 watt.

3. smell will be bad in flower. You'll want to work out a vent and temp/humidity control.
k-mart sells an ionc air purifier similar to the one sold on tv. It cost a 100 bucks and I heard those take care of smells for small crop grows.
I seen a carbon filtered air purifier for 40 bucks at wal-mart 2 days ago. almost bought the thing just to see. short on cash dictated

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