light schedule/leaves drying

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Apr 4, 2005
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Where I live it's been pretty hot this past week, and my temp is going little up, so when it passes 80F I turn off my light for a few hours, but not everyday. My question is by doing this can the plants stress since it sees different light hours?

Another question I have is my ww plant all the fan leaves are starting to dry and it started from the bottoms one and it's been going up for the past week.
How's your humidity? Weren't you saying that you were going to try putting a shallow dish with water next to your plant to jack up the humidity about 5-10%? No? Might help a little with the leaves

Maybe I was thinking about doing that myself. :p

And yeah, as you know, if your light hours are all over the map, stress can occur. Stress can affect yield/sex. Instead, why not increase the distance of the plant from the light? This way, exposure hours are consistent, but intensity drops a little. That's nothing the plant couldn't handle. In the wild, it gets a similar effect from cloudy days and periods of indirect sunlight.
Nutrient imbalance most likely.
And your containers are too small.
Transplant to at least a 3-gal. container using non-pre fertilized potting soil.
-Make sure there are lots (at least 5) 1" holes in the container on the sides, 1" from the bottom.
-A 2" layer of rocks or broken pottery at the bottom of the container aids in drainage.
Just before you transplant, use water with a bit of horticultural vitamin B-1 added, lots of it, with no nutrients.
After you transplant, dose again with water/B-1, before you re-start nutrients (at a reduced level).

You can purchase horticultural vitamin B-1 at a nursery. You can instead use Thrive Alive or Super Thrive.
Ganja, will perlite work for the 2' layer at the bottom? (same perlite i mixed with soil.) Which non fertilized potting soil you suggest?

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