Lighting for autos

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Mar 3, 2011
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hey all, im currently growing il diavolo from delicious seeds an auto flower strain and at first was running them under my HPS for about 3 weeks until they had to be moved to my new veg room that have 3 t8 shop lights with all 65000k bulbs. my question is can this plant still do well under these type bulbs?
best autos iv ever growin wher under blue cfl for the first 4 week then the rest under 400watt hps and the buds wher faties // mybe first few weeks under your t8 then flower under hps would work good for you //peace;)
Not very good lighting, but I'm not into autos, so no clue. Seems to me though, that light, even if with an auto, should be good light.
Autos light needs are exactly the same as a 12/12 strain just they dont need the dark.

If they are not in enough light they will not grow to full potential.

I just harvested an MI5, harvested 2oz dry, that was under a 600w HPS. I have a Himalaya blue Diesel that looks like it will do the same.
Just because its an auto doesn't mean it should be deprived of its light.

How big of an area are you growing in?
How many lumens do those bulbs put out?
How close are they to the plant?
THANKS Jericho, I thought this, but hated to sound definitive when unsure...
I move my Il Diavolo auto back and fourth on a daily basis to make sure it stays in 24 hours of light. At night when it is time for my flower room lights to turn off I switch her to my veg room where she sits under floro's until morning. It stinks to have to do everyday but I hope to be rewarded in the end.


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