Looking up old friends

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I've been wondering the same thing lately and was going to ask myself.
She has had thing in her personal life to deal with recently so has not been on. She is well as far as we know.
Last we heard she was better...that came from JAAM who got an email from her dad I believe. But she has not been back on....we can only hope all is well...I knowmi miss her as do most others.

Maybe 2dog has heard from her? But I have not seen the doggie around lately either...
Hopefully she peeks in once in a while and if she does, will see this thread and know how much she is loved.
Thanks for the bounce back I hope life isn't beating her up any worse than it has the rest of us the rest of us
She's real good people in my book
Life some times takes us in different directions ,,,,,all we keep are the memories,,,I hope your friend is ok god bless
BBB, Do my eyes deceive me? How are you? Its been a very long time.
BEAN?...where ya been old girl? we been holding it down. and got your seat warmed. you were missed by many...

big irish hug to you bean...:)

as all ways I will pull up a seat and stat to catch up, I am going to be getting my stuff up and running soon, I can not wait..

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