Low Stress Training, High Stress Training

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Stoney Bud

This is a great example of Low Stress Training, (LST).

If you look closely, you'll see that the primary tip has been lowered to a point beneath the remainder of the branch with a blue colored wire. The top growth hormone is cut off from the primary and ALL of the secondaries take off like scalded pups for the light.

Using this method of increasing your yeild by multiplying the primary budding sites is an awesome way to increase yeild per/m2.

With the inclusion of one more type of training, you can SERIOUSLY increase your yeild. HST. That's right, hurt me baby! High Stress Training used after LST is a way to totally max out your crop.

Add to this your Halides in veggin and a good supply of HPS for the flowering and you've done everything you could to maximize your crop from the air up.

Now, ya gotta max out the lower regions. Hey! Get your mind back on the weed!

A "splash" resivoir is a must. The return has to be routed so that it dumps radically into the resivoir. This creates lots of splashing and bubbles. Bubbles that are churned into the resivoir contents. Airation of the nutrient solution is absolutly necessary. This method does it perfectly. I've used it for years.

A name brand nutrient solution is one of the things you have to NOT try to save money on. Pay up. It will pay you back ten fold.

Well hey, I didn't mean to write a book. You guys have a good night and lets talk about what I've written here. My goal is to have every person in the entire freakin world growin hydro max bud. Hell man, we'd all be way too wasted to fight. If you look up "Lover-not fighter" in the dictionary, my picture is right there.

Where's the wimin? I'm high, I got that feelin.......

Just kiddin. If anyone ever took me up on it, it'd probly kill me!

u can put an air stone in the bottom of a clothes bin and fill it with water and nuts ph it make sure everything is good and put the lid on cut a whole for the plants roots to hang into the water/ nutrient solution then get a tray or a cup with clay rocks so the plant holds tight and roots are in the dark.
Hey stoney....Now that i've got a mini SB (stoney Bud) set up in my closet, How do i do the LST? Just hold the top of the plant down to the rocks when its a foot tall? Lets get a description of the process up there! Thanks man. :farm: bud
BudWeederson said:
Hey stoney....Now that i've got a mini SB (stoney Bud) set up in my closet, How do i do the LST? Just hold the top of the plant down to the rocks when its a foot tall? Lets get a description of the process up there! Thanks man. :farm: bud

Mini Stoney Bud? Hell, I thought she was Mickeys ole lady...
If you plan to LST so that your main stalk is bent at about a 45 degree angle is there any point to top the plant, I am going to be using LST but I was also planning on topping to maximize yield. Does anyone have any idea how to maximize harvest through LST & topping?
I'm doing just that. When my plants grew out there 7th sets of leaves I topped and LST'd and I now have 6-8 main stalks shooting up and out from the main stalk which is bent at a 45 degree angle. The funny thing is that two of my plants I must have snipped at a slight angle when I topped them and now have three main stalks coming from the one main. Hope those two are girls! I have a feeling I may have to add another week to in veg before cutting over due to the topping and LST.

Any one else having to increase veg time when topping and LST'ing?
Well not as much with LST, but if you top your plant, then yes, it will have to heal its wounds before it can grow again. If you LST, you dont have to top your plant, LST will have the same effect, with no stop in growth. You can even LST your secondary branches. One thing to remember is that when you LST you have to keep adjusting the the place that is tied down to ensure that it stays lower then the lowest branch, that will keep the growth balanced throughout the whole plant.
you know, i never know what i should do when i go into flower. do you remove the ties before you flip or do you leave them tied for the entire life of the plant?

i've always left them but it's bugging me that i don't know for sure from a long time LST'er,since i 've only started using this technique in the past year or so after getting frustrated with the long recovery time with topping.

so was i right to leave them?
It's all about personal preference, IMO. I like to leave mine tied...Truly like a SCROG, without the screen, but i know a lot of others like to untie theirs before or after the stretch. If you untie then the mainstem will straighten up and become the dominate top again, i do not want that as I want my canopy to be as even as I can get it.

I just say whatever works for you in your situation. Maybe try both ways and see what works best for you.
I've never done LST, but I think that if you untied them they would stay in their postion, depending on how long they've been trained that way?? Most people I've seen do it still had them tied in flowering mode simply for support... however, I don't really know.

Good question
growth hormones will straighten up the dominate top, that is why you have to keep retieing the top, because if it is not lower then the lowest node then it will start growing back up...LSTing the tops of your plant will not support them at all, it is just redistributing the growth hormones that are in the fastest growing tops
cool, thanks MassPro. it's 6 of one half a dozen of the other then i guess.

i'd think they'd stay low if trained from the begining but then,i've never tried it untied. i think i'll experiment with untying with my next batch,do one of each :)

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