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Jan 15, 2011
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Hey all ...placing an order on tonight or tomorrow, the wife wants some books. Figured I should treat myself as well.

I heard 'The Emperor Wears No Clothes' by Jack Herer is great. Any other recommendations would be great...thanks!
You can read Jack Herer's(RIP) book at his site hXXp://
If you are into growing books I love Marijuana Botany by Clarke and Marijuana Garden Saver by J C Stich and Ed Rosenthal.

Thanks Hammy....The Marijuana Garden Save is only $8:)
burner said:
Thanks Hammy....The Marijuana Garden Save is only $8:)

Hick has a link to a site where you can read the other one by is on the dry side but easily the best book I hve ever read on MJ. It really helped me understand quite a few things about the life cycle of the cannabis plant.
"Gardening Indoors" by Jorge Cervantes (George Van Patten). hands down my fave book. used it like a bible for my first grow in early 1980's and yielded about 3.25 oz per plant, never looked back.
Thanks for all the input gents, probably going to place an order tonight
Just remember that a book is just one person's opinion. I do not believe that Cervantes, Rosenthal, etc, etc, has any more knowledge than many of the experienced growers here.

Clarke's book is a botany book.
Here's clark's MJ botany book on line as well as a few other books that are free to read hXXp:// and here is greenmans list of books hXXp://
the cannabis grow bible,,,,,,, by greg green

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