Massive Amounts of Rain!!!

yung buddha

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Jun 25, 2007
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Okay...i'd been biding my time waiting to harvest but all of a sudden it just starts raining and wont im like dang i gotta get that stuff...but i didnt until like day 2 of this freakin monsoon...the bud is fine i dried it off and its hanging up with a fan on it now but...did the massive amounts of rain prior to picking effect potency?? i only ask this because a)its not as stinky as its sister and b)the crystals are less defined than its sister. Now these things may come in time but i just want to make sure i did not mess up monthes of hard work...


Oct 2, 2007
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i hate responding to this for starters. one thing i love about letting the crystals go is just before harvest, holding a piece of wax paper underneath the bud and tapping it and getting some pretty whitish dust...and i kept accumulating enough to finally pack and smoke and it resembled soft rain coming over a slight breeze in the plains...with jason sticking an axe in my face. awesome smoking! if i get quite a bit from tapping, i couldn't imagine what alot of rain would do...sorry...oh, and i'm buzzin mah arse off! had to say that ;-)

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