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To the point he said, "No more Seeds please" hahaha. I really enjoyed visiting all thru your vacation and the hunting.. Who knew you were the "Turkey Whisperer".. jk. hehe. really enjoy the friendships I've made
here... some I consider family.
Sounds like that cross is epic. Jan, looking for some gear to turn Auto... I think you should use Oldfogey8's
Ultimate Lemon x Triple Lemon or his Mimosa x Triple Lemon. research the Triple Lemon strain and you'll see why. me love lemon.. lol.
I love citrus strains. I yhink you sent me a few lemon strains I believe one said from Oldfogey
I love citrus strains. I yhink you sent me a few lemon strains I believe one said from Oldfogey

If they are seeds I sent Carty, these are the genetics the seeds are from.

Current state of veg. I had some weird issues going on in there for a minute, but I think I got it lined back out now.
75% of the plants in there are clones, as I have everything in 12/12 backed up.


Current state of 12/12.
Next to come out is the Hairberry in the middle.
The Hairberry is one of those plants that sometimes finishes an awesome dark purple, and sometimes it’s an a$$hole.
I am sure that some of it is grower error, but it does seem to finish better in the winter, when the nighttime temperatures in my basement get down closer to 60 degrees.


This Passion Fruit is looking exceptionally nice.

I am back up to 4 keepers now.
Ranked in the following order….


#1) Sour Ogre
(ECSD x Ogers)
This is from seed that Bigsur sent me.
The kief produced from grinding up enough flower for one joint is insane.
Definitely the most potent strain in my stable, at the moment.
It definitely checks all of the boxes.
Usually an easy plant to grow, as well.
It’s gonna take sometime pretty nice to knock it out of the #1 spot.


#2) Skunk Monkee
(Banana Mango x Chocolate Skunk)
Bag seed from one of my many accidental hermie crosses.
The Banana Mango was a clone given to me by a friend. I never was a big fan of the taste, it just had this wang to it that I didn’t care for.
The Chocolate Skunk is potent AF, but the taste was WAY too earthy for me.
The combination of the two is perfect.
A mild tropical fruit taste with a slight earthy tone on the back end.
One of the things I love about the high is that you are ready to get $hit done for about two hours, then the bottom falls out of it, and you are ready to go to sleep.
I want to add, I REALLY like the taste of this’n.


#3) Sugar Belts
(Rainbow Belts x Sugar Cane)
To be honest, it’s almost an exact replica of the Sour Ogre, which is why it ended up in #3.
But not quite.
Everything is almost identical, except it isn’t as potent, and the smoke is a little smoother, which is why the wife likes it.
To be honest, it’s the Walmart version of Sour Ogre.


(Herijuana x Blueberry)
I know y’all are wondering why I put this in last place, because taste, smell, and high is awesome, but…….
Two reasons.
It can be an a$$hole to grow, and it doesn’t burn very well.
It is so greasy that a joint has to be lit over, and over, and over, and over…….
And, it’s an A$$hole.
I really have a love hate relationship with this plant.
Everyone loves the taste, but they hate the burn.


And last, but not least, Greenmobsters clone.
She ain’t showing any roots yet, but she still looks good.

Side note:It took me two days to complete this post.

The Passion fruit was laid over when I got home yesterday, so I had to truss her up a little.

Did a little up potting yesterday.

Man, the Freak Shows really throw some pistils.

These two on the top shelf need moved down, but I am out of room.
Gonna up pot a plant later today that will go into flower, which will make room to move one of them down.
The other will have to wait 11 more days before I can move it down.
I may have to go ahead and top one to buy a little time.

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