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Apr 4, 2005
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I was wondering if I can directly connect a 250watt Mh bulb to a e39 socket.
ummmmmmmmmm NO!!

Not unless you wanna start a fire. You need the ballast and 'palm' socket.
Show me a pic of what you got.
RevC, nice to see you back! Ballasts are fine, especially when they are new and put together properly. What did you get? Thanks.
A bare ballast gets HOT! Hot enough to light wood on fire. If it's enclosed in a case, it's still hot enough to melt a candle, but can be placed on wood. If it's heat you're worried about, you can put the ballast ouside the room, and make a longer cord.
how far away should i place the light from the plants?
Start it about 2' up. Put your hand right over the plants. If your hand is too warm, the plants will be too.
should i put a fan for the bulb to keep it cool?
It wouldn`t hurt. Do you have pics? Can you post some so we can see what you`re doing? It would be easier to help if we could see...thanks.

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