Miracle tape

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Feb 6, 2009
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I highly recommend everyone to buy some Plant & Support Tape because a flowering female plant is more fragile than a male plant. Therefore, they are more likely to bend or break. Starting from seeds is hard and there are countless of reasons why they may bend and need support tape for properly healing. It is wise to have tape handy because you never know what may happen day to day with freshly germinated plants. Windy days and falling debris is never good for a young plant and tape can be a life-saver for accidents like this.

If need, Here is some instructions:

  • Carefully Tape up the damage spot and avoid taping up the leafs.
  • Once secured, Slide some soil above where the damage had happened for additional support.
  • Never tape healthy plants because they will temporary restrict proper nutrition’s
  • Never remove the tape once secured; the tape will fall off itself once it begins to grow.
I highly recommend plant yoyo's, tape sux IMHO.


blondeboy said:
because you never know what may happen day to day with freshly germinated plants.

Huh? :confused2: :confused: :confused2: :confused:
Blondie are you squeezing your sprouts for scent? Thats not good...;)
I had one of my lamps fall and land on one of my plants. It would've died if I didn't have some tape handy! The other day the wind picked up that nearly tore the top off of my plant. If it wasn't for tap, it would've surly died.

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