Mixin Different TYPES of WEED

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Nov 30, 2005
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Is it safe to mix some weed you got from 1 place, and some with where u got da other?
it's completely safe. You'll just get a different buzz than if you smoked one and then the other. In fact alot of people where im from will mix some schwag with some danks so they dont use all of their good stuff at once.
A short story:

Back in the esarly 70's I used to deal weed.
I'd buy a kilo and sell lids (ounces).
Of course I smoked some out of each kilo.
Now you know how some pot makes you sleepy, some makes you laugh til your sides hurt, some gives you the killer munchies, etc.?
I decieded to blend different types of pot to get an "ideal blend".
I wanted pot that would provide an active high, not too heavy on the munchies, make me happy and dreamy but not sleepy.
It took me nearly a year of blending different types of weed, but finally I got it just right.
I had about 4 oz. in a shoe box, perfectly manicured, and invited people to come over the next day and try it out.
That night, happily stoned, I left the top of the box off when I went to bed.
The next morning I noticed an unpleasent odor in the living room.
Then I saw my cat had SHIT TWICE AND PISSED A COUPLE OF TIMES in my box of weed during the night, completely ruining it all.
I was doubly pissed because there was a pet door, allowing the cat to easily go outside. But of all the places on earth to shit and piss, it chose to shit and piss in my box of weed.
I looked at the cat. My cat looked at me and saw murder in my eyes.
Before I had a chance to move, he took off running, and I never saw him again.
haha another great story...

I should keep cats away from my bud now on...
If I would have ever seen that damn cat again, it wouldn't have any fur left on it cause I would have beat it so bad.
The cats have heard the threats.....

This mutt is gettin scared :p I swear I didn't bite that cat. :D

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