mold aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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Mar 24, 2011
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*** !! i had some of my autos down today,,, and ther was this lil fat 1 bout 6" high and 4" wide she was lovely all shades of purp n greens smellt realy welcoming aswell ,,,but i had a fear she may get moldy if i hung her as 1 ,,so i started to trim her in the procses half way up thats wher i seen it all bits wher molding i choped them all out,,but im bemuesed to how this has hapend anybody any idea? why molding up ? i hate mold and it 1 of them things that gets me way to para ,,,
one word: ventilation. uhm... make that two words: ventilation & circulation. the more air moving the better.

years ago i added 2 big circulating fans in the grow i've not seen any mold since.
yep yep...lots and lots of air movement/exchange

Dont smoke moldy weed

take care and be safe
thats obv the problem troops thanks for fast reply..yes must be as iv none of both just a snide lil space need to move it,,,no id never smoke moldy weed 4u i cut it all away and bind it,,,i need a bigger space that i can work stuff properly just wher i live is not idea right now..peace[j];)

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