Mutant Plant first leafs then top?

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Apr 10, 2011
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First time grower. My plant had a bad start. Didn't put air stone on and after start leafs the bubbler left the plant floating (2 hours tops). Week later the First leaf came in (only one) and it got huge fast (looks like an oak leaf) four days later the second first leaf came in at right angle to first. four days later both leafs are huge and a bud has started. This is hydro and is only 2 inches high. This plant is only 2 weeks 4 days old. and been under constant light.
Are you sure this is marijuana!? If so, there's no way it could be budding already, what lighting schedule are you on!? Chances are the problem has corrected itself and what you are seeing in the top cluster are the tips of your first set of "normal" leaves. It'll look like little green fingers almost... No white hairs, no bud! And at two weeks and four days, even an auto would be sexually immature. I'd bet the air stone incident combined with other issues (need a bit more info, nutrient use, lighting, ventilation, temps, pH, humidity etc) I'm assuming from seed? If it's a clone, disregard what I said about sexual maturity, a clone is as genetically old as the mother, and if placed anywhere near a 12/12 lighting regimen will most certainly start to flower and yield near nothing. In which case, you need to put 16/8-24/0 light and get her to reveg a bit! Again, very little information to go on here, so this analysis is assuming your nutrients, lights, ph, temps, humidity, and ventilation are spot on... Being your first, and a hydro setup, I'd imagine any combination of the preceding is the culprit in your issues! May want to consider doing a few grows in soil, and then working your way up to hydro once you have a full understanding of the process itself... Hydro reacts faster to stimuli; good and bad, which means it's not very efficient for a learner... Soil is much more forgiving, IMHO! Good luck and :welcome: to MP; you'll be addicted now!:rofl:
24 hr light since beginning. This thing took forever and had largest round leafs i have seen anywhere. The next 2 i tried had second leafs after 6 hours. It is just the strangest plant I have ever seen (on web no personal experience). There are white hairs they can't be seen in pic. This plant should not be alive but is pretty cool to me.
well good luck... I've never seen a plant flower before about 3 1/2 weeks! is this from seed?
You were correct the 'top' was a cluster f of leaves. Should I clip those huge deformed leaves or not? Any aid is appreciated.
GuyGalaxy said:
Actually I think it is And reeally taking off
sarn sure looking like it now!.. :confused2:
good luck! :aok:
it does maybe just a proper mutant hopefully it will go out of it
Just shocked from the bad start. Mj will throw out lots of single leaf, upside down leaves, retarded growth, rosetting etc when shocked, you`ll probably end up with an extremely bushy plant short in stature and weird looking.
It may produce some of the best shizzle going...Green Mojo pal;)
Looking great. It is hard to believe it is the same plant--good job!
Great to see my friend, I love it when a plan comes together;)
It's all about the learning curve. The forum has been the key. Still trying to stabilize the ec\ppm, but getting closer. One bucket is using nutes the other is using water. Now have buffered water and nute buckets available...makes a huge diff thanks Goddess. Buffer was my new jargon word of the week.
This forum will, given the time and determination of yourself, bring you to the possition of being able to grow your own fantastic marijuana.

All you have to do is read everything, numerous times, and ask when you need help.

A learning curve it is, for sure...A very fulfilling one when you accomplish what you set out to do:)
I also have one with mutant leaves that look like sassafras, which is what yours also reminded me of. Now I know what to look forward to now that everything in my grow is stabilized.

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