my first clones- advice? i have a couple pics

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Jul 25, 2005
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So far, i've attempted and succeeded in a single tiny cabinet grow, about 2' by 3'.These are my first clones that I have ever attempted and so far i think every thing has been going good. however the bottom leaves of the clones are slowly turning yellow and dying. They all seem to be poducing more leaves so i am not too concerned, but is the yellowing of the leaves normal? They have been rooting for about 2 weeks now and im wonderinf when they will start to really shoot up and grow branches. any advice that may help would be greatly appreciated.
Are the clones in pre-nuted soil or are you using nutrients of any kind?
I dipped them in a cloning solution called hormex and put them in oasic foam cubes (i couldn't find rockwool anywhere). i put the cubes in small garden pots and almost submerged the cubes in potting soil form a hardware store. They've been in a humidity dome and ive been keeping the cubes moist with water supplemented with bonide root and grow plant starter and root stimulator but I have used hardly any of it. that's about all the details i can give about the care they've had.
thanks again for any advice
By keeping them moist 24/7 you are preventing root growth.
You should have the oasis cubes (which I prefer to rockwool btw) in a tray that prevents them from sitting in water, like a tray that's 'ribbed' on the bottom.
The best way to water clones is by misting the plant above the soil. Water in the cubes also tend to rot the stem since it doesn't have an established root system yet.I would remove the humidity dome 2x/day for a few minutes.
I would mist the clones with sparkling water ("soda" or "seltzer" water, just H2O and O2 (carbonated water)) when I had the dome off and maybe a spoonful of water on the cubes every few days; any excess would drip out.
After the 1st week, use something to prop the humidity dome up a little bit more every day, so that when it's removed completely it doesn't shock the clones.
Also after the first week use a very weak solution of nutrients (like 10% strength the first time) added to the misting water; increase this by 5% or 10% every day or 2.

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