My First Grow, Lets Go For A Ride...


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Jan 21, 2015
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unknown strain bagseed
5 plants growing in soil
I am growing in a homemade box.
4 100w 24w equivalent 5000
2 60w unknown equivalent
1 stationary fan for circulation
digital timer on 18/6 light schedule
miracle gro (I know I know but its all I could get) premium potting soil
no nutrients yet except for whats in the soil
this one was overwatered last night

idk why this ones yellowing but I was told that's not a problem

this is one of my most healthy looking girls

this one looks kind of deformed

heres my other healthy girl

these are all from yesterday
Aug 22, 2006
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First, just so you know, the equivalent wattage makes no difference at all. so, you have 4 24W lights and the others look to be about the same. When you get above 42 actual watts, CFLs start to get large.

I would encourage to look at alternative lighting. CFLs are the most expensive to run and produce the least amount of bud of any lights we use to grow. Also when you get as many of them as you need (and that is going to be a bundle!). they are going to run extremely hot. You did not tell us the size of the space, but just so you are aware of how many bulbs you are going to need....using 24 actual wattage CFLs, you are going to need 4-5 every sq ft to be adequately lit. If you have 5 sq ft, that is going to be 20-25 bulbs and (even if you can get that many bulbs in that space), it is going to be hot, hot, hot!

And you are only going to have room for about 2-3 plants in there.

I recommend running your lights 24/7. There is no advantage to 18/6 light and a lot of disadvantages. I hope that these will survive. Pre-nuted Miracle grow is about the worst thing you can use. I really really really encourage you to look harder for better soil. Unless you are in a tiny teeny little place, you should be able to find better soil. Or order something online--yes, your soil is that important. And you will need proper nutes once they get a bit larger--you cannot just feed them any old thing either.

One of the things that I believe is important for new growers to understand is that there IS a reason that cannabis is expensive--it is hard to grow, takes about 4 months start to finish, and it is expensive. Cannabis is finicky.

So, I also encourage you to do some reading on the bio0logy of this amazing plant and what it takes to grow this marvelous plant--the growing cycle of the plant, light requirements (correct lumens and spectrum, ventilation, soil mixtures, temperatures, RH, pH, ppms, nutrient need, etc, etc. This is along process and a hundred things can go wrong on the journey. The more you know and are able to put it into practice, the better chance you have of getting your plants to harvest.