My girls....I think

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Are you planning on buying a tent or growing indoor?
Oh geez I don’t know...I wasn’t expecting to do this at all but since I was given the little darlings I figured ah what the hell. It’s stressful I gotta tell ya. I don’t do well when things aren’t perfect and tend to become I don’t know if I want to set myself up for failure.

oops guess you can’t say he🏒🏒
It’s stressful I gotta tell ya.
But also soooo rewarding! And failure usually goes along with learning, something I revel in at my age. Anyway, we are here to help, should you want to venture down that road.

Btw, I can promise you, I grow better weed than any dispensary around here and would hate to have to go back to buying it. I love being self- sufficient, especially with my weed! Getting there with my food also, but weed was number one priority.

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