need help with genetics

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Apr 6, 2011
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I have a strain called "Big Wreck",I know that it is "Trainwreck" crossed with "Big bud",or the other way around.anyways,I need to know more about the two parents.any kind of information on this subject would be appreciated.I also have questions about cross breeding.if i have a "Juicy fruit" male and cross it with a "Big Wreck" female and then grow a male and female out of those seeds and do it again,how long does this proses take?I have heard it takes up to two years minimum.please give me any kind of information on this would be greatly appreciated.thank you.keep to the grind and keep puffing the kind.drd8nk!:bong1: :headbang2:
start with mendal's law. Also Marijuana Botany, and trait mapping. To start.
Take notes, photos, and start with as many seeds as possible for selection purposes.
I did a little research on the "Hardy-Weinberg model of genetic equilibrium" and that was a little also have a question about IBL.I have a seed stock (planted in the ground about 5 days ago)of "Juicy Fruit".now if i take a female and male and cross the two,will i have an inline breed strain?the juicy fruit i have was pollinated with a sweet island skunk and i want to breed that out of this the method to use?do i just keep crossing it with its self?I really could use any kind of information on either one of these threads.I have been growing now for 4 years going on 5 and really would like to "BREED" my own strain.all "Master growers" know how to do this.I understand it might take 3 or 4 years to accomplish what i am looking for,but i feel like I am moving in the right direction.please help out a fellow grower.thank you.drd8nk.:headbang2: :bong:
Here is Clarke's MJ Botany

Here is a place to find out about strains

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