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Jan 14, 2006
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When I was younger, I smoked frequently with friends, but I'm out of college and into the business world now. My boyfriend still smokes and I have no issue with that. However, I have been considering starting up again. I have terrible migraines atleast once a week and have heard that this helps. The reason I quit smoking was that one night I had a bad reaction and got scared. I had never had a bad reaction before that. Has anyone else smoked for migraine relief? Does it work? What are the chances I"ll have another bad reaction? Basically, my heart just started racing and I couldn't chill out...granted...I had been drinking and it was A LOT of weed that night. Maybe I overdid it? Any help you could offer would be awesome. Thanks!
We had a similar post to this delimma.

1ST off. Local schwagg and stuff there is no telling what is on it. 2ND I have had that feeling from a great harvested killer bud. Don't sweat it. Just don't smoke 2 blunts 8 bong hits and a joint if you catch my drift. Start off with a J and see what happens.

Also I am a middle aged dude. When I have had enough to smoke nobody can tell me that I am a ***** for not smoking more. That pressure crap is for a rude punk. Smoke as much as YOU are comfortable with.

I get migraines from time to time. Pot can help, but I have also had it make it worse. You may want to check out with a doctor as the migraines could be smptoms of something else. Freind of mine had chronic migraines for years and is now on a medication where he has almost zero.

Just my opinion.
i totally agree with Mutt ... sometimes a bong hit helps my head ache sometimes it makes it way worse . but for everyone shit is differnt. and yeah bad experiences can turn ppl off to certain drugs, but as long as u dont overdue it, ur the best judge of whut u can handle and what is enough. also get ur weed from a trust worthy source or better yet grow your own so that u know exactly whut ur are lighting up and sucking into your lungs.

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