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Jah Rastafari
May 9, 2011
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Hi guys I'm new to this forum and am about to start growing :D However I will only be growing 1 Lowryder #2 plant. Here is the problem.

I know this plant is an auto and the best lights for that are HPS but could I get away with using CFLs as I do not have enough cash for the HPS.
You can use CFL's but the yield will be less. You have some budget choices for HPS like 150w ... Have a look at it.

Here is a 150W HPS for under $30: hXXp://

By the time you get bulbs, reflectors, and cords, it will probably cost more for CFLs. Lumen for lumen, CFLs are going to cost you more to run every month, they are going to run hotter, and will produce less bud (sometimes substantially less bud) than an HPS.

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