New gadget I need.

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Feb 14, 2022
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Da tree
This will help me with having to get down on my hands and knees and reach back under the canopy to water my ladies. i may not get this exact version, but this thing is great. Pus runs on batteries if needed. Pretty neat.


this is the ticket Slips into a 5 gallon bucket with your water and nutes, has a 10 ft hose and delivers water as fast or as slow as you want without having to get under your plants

edit it’s also rechargeable usb
If I go the wand style l'll need an extension on the end to be able to stand while watering, I can't go from the top of the plants due to no open sides. I would need one with a 90 degree fitting on the nozzle so I could go in horizontally under the canopy. Almost like a Z with a long center. that would be really ideal for my back, lol. Can I just add an extension and 90 to these wands?
I haven’t taken mine apart but I think you can jerry-rig easily anything you want to this with little plumbing experience I usually grab a seat at the bottom of my plants and water from under the net and pump about 4 gallons in about 3 minutes alleviating any back pain I had doing it from the trickle method from above. (Also keeping the leaves dry) Also gives me a chance to look at and pull anything weird looking off the underside of the plants. The one I have like the first picture has a wand long enough to water 4 pots deep if you can understand what that means without your head in the net. The charge lasts almost an entire grow and it only takes a few hours to charge it up again. It’s the best investment I’ve made so far in my tent as my girls are always tied down good by flower time and I ain’t no spring chicken anymore 🙃

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